Without a doubt, skimboarding is not an easy sport to learn. Then again, the same applies to surfing, bodyboarding, and skateboarding. All board sports take time and dedication to learn, and the best thing is that they're all linked in a way that practicing one is ultimately practicing the other.
Wave skimboarding differs from other wave surfing sports in the way that instead of paddling out to meet a wave, the skimboarder stays very close to the shore. You basically run to the wave until you can hop on the board instead of paddling to it. It's a fun, intense sport and from all the surfing sports, skimboarding is definitely the one in which you'll find the most waves that are good enough to really enjoy.

Skimboard types

Regardless of material, skimboards generally range between 45" and 57" in height, and between 17" and 23" in width. Choosing the right size for you depends on your weight and height, as well as your level of experience.
There are two types of skimboards. Ones meant for wave skimboarding and ones meant for flatland skimboarding. For wave skimboarding you want to choose a lighter foam board with a fiberglass or resin coating. For flatland skimboarding, your best shot is a traditional wooden board. They're durable, heavier in weight, and working well for sliding on rails and skimming on only a thin layer of water.
BoardStock's collection has a variety of boards for wave skimboarding as well as for flatland skimboarding. If you find yourself in doubt of which board is the best one for you, don't hesitate to contact us. All kinds of board sports are what we do and we're happy to guide you.
SkimOne 35" Fresh Hawaii White Skimboard

SkimOne 35" Fresh Hawaii White Skimboard


SkimOne offers beginner-friendly, 7-layered wood skimboards made from poplar wood. Suitable for everybody who wants to enjoy long and easy rides on...

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