Drake Super Sport Green Snowboard Bindings

by Drake
The Ultimate performance all-mountain freestyle bindings in the Drake lineup... accept nothing less!
The 2014 Drake Supersport snowboard bindings represent the pinnacle in design from a company who have been designing snowboard bindings for longer than most of us have been riding! Provides the right balance of flexibility, stiffness, and lightness needed to perform at the highest levels. The tried and tested one-piece aluminum chassis is exclusive to the high-end drake bindings and delivers unmatched power transmission from bindings to board. This means that you get a ton of freestyle freedom, but with the accuracy, you want when giant kicker or powder line presents itself. A new addition for the 2014 season is the use of their Urethane highback. Urethane is a super versatile plastic that comes from the skate wheel industry. This plastic allows for a ton of freestyle freedom without compromising reaction from toe to heel thanks to the unique properties of Urethane
The 2014 Supersport comes highly recommended for any high end, all mountain setup. The Supersport is even the pros choice binding!