Northwave WiRed Snowboard Boots

The Northwave Wired Snowboard Boots are designed to accommodate a woman's foot giving you nice, tight support with a soft-medium flex. The Boa Lacing System on these boots making entry and exit super quick and easy. If you're looking to tighten up on the fly, the Boa will allow you to do so without any questions asked. The iron laces are insanely durable and they tighten around a nice cozy tongue to give you a great fit. Combined with the 540 degree Heel Retention System you'll have the mobility to move how you need to and make some incredible presses and grabs. Inside these boots is the TF1 Liner which is outfitted with something called Thermo-Fit Foam. What this does is uses the heat from your feet to custom mold the liner so you have the very best fit and comfort you could ask for. The EVA Footbed provides insulation for warmth and shock absorption for those landings off the boxes. The Northwave Wired Snowboard Boots are non-stop incredible for the rider who takes the first lift up and rides until the sun goes down.